Coaching for Freelance Graphic Designers and Illustrators who wants a clear path to steady income.

Imagine this... You got a steady flow of jobs you love and all the money you need...

How badass awesome would that make you feel?

✅ Like, “I can pick and choose the jobs I want, because I got all the jobs I need” awesome.

✅ Like, “I'm super stoked to always be able to work on the type of projects I love” awesome.

✅ Like, being the person about whom everyone wonders “how the f*ck does he/she do that!?” awesome.

Maybe you think the above is too good to be true?

⛔ Maybe you are stuck having to take on jobs that don't excite you, just to pay the bills.

⛔ Maybe you are charging less than you would like to, because otherwise someone else might take the jobs.

⛔ Maybe you get clients asking for the hand but taking the whole arm, so that jobs end up not making you enough money.

Maybe you think "it will get better as soon as i'm done with these next couple of jobs"?

😞 Sorry, but it doesn't...

I have been there, thinking the exact same thing... for years

Until I decided to go all in on finding out what the difference is between graphic designers and illustrators who land all the dream jobs, and those who struggle just getting jobs.

...and it is not just about skills

Get on a FREE Next Level Breakthrough coaching call with me and together, we'll figure out the first steps for you to become, just, ridiculously awesome.